"Our office yoga group was lucky enough to have Hannah as our substitute teacher for three weeks this summer. The class she offered was comfortable yet challenging, and accommodated to a range of student levels. She was compassionate to our needs and open to our interests. Her instruction was clear and creative. She has warm and personable style, balanced with a sense of grounded practicality. I highly recommend her yoga class." -Patricia Y

"Hannah was incredible. Right from the stepping in the door, I felt seen, heard, and truly welcomed. She is kind and focused in this work and led me through one of the most powerful meditations/sessions I have had in my life. I love that she took the time to chat and let me ease into the space, address any issues I wanted to bring up, and used a wonderful blend of oils. I felt safe and taken care of the whole time I was with her. I can't recommend her enough."- Patrice M.

"Hannah is just the right balance of rigor and relaxation. I receive a private yoga class from her once a week, an intensive vinyasa flow (she kicks my ass!) with great tips for alignment and form. I have always been inflexible but now I can touch my toes! Roughly every other week she also gives me Reiki which is a great counter to the yoga and a good reminder to relax and renew. She is warm, conscientious and knowledgeable." Gabriel M. 

"I had a wonderful reiki session with Hannah - and she helped me to feel rebalanced and calm (I normally am an anxious person). She arrived at my home on time and helped me create a soothing environment (she even brought her own scented oils). The session began with a guided meditation to help me drop into the right mental space - and the session itself was calming and grounding. Afterwards, Hannah was very thoughtful towards giving me feedback/observations about my body and energy. Hannah was the perfect mix of knowledgeable, professional, and warm." -Anna R. 

"Such an awesome experience. She was able to pin point where my energy was blocked and gave me insight on where I needed to focus attention to get my energy balanced. She was very attentive the entire time, asked to make sure I was comfortable, and gave me an experience that left me feeling calm the rest of my day, and more aware of how to remain in that calm state when the life stressors came back into play in my daily life. Would highly recommend." -Gwendolyn B.


"Hannah is absolutely incredible. She came to my house for a Reiki healing, on a day that I needed it the most..and when she was done I felt so much more relaxed both in my mind and body. She's attentive, gentle, hands on, and overall just a great presence to be around - makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I honestly can't wait for my next session with her! Oh, and she uses the most amazing essential oils, it stayed with me for the rest of the evening."
 -Liad G.